BORC offers customized training sessions (individual or small group) and all inquiries are welcome.  Inquiries for more information or to request training can be emailed to Shuying Zhang, Ph.D., or Umidjon Iskandarov, Ph.D.,

Graduate students can receive formal training in some of the BORC’s molecular and cell biology protocols by enrolling in class NUTR821 Molecular Nutrition Techniques (3 cr).

Prior training by the BORC staff is required for unsupervised use of selected equipment and protocols and will be at the discretion of the core director.

BORC hosts workshops about the services and equipment application monthly. Additional ad hoc seminars provided by equipment suppliers are also held occasionally.  The schedule is as follows and the exact date and time will be announced prior to the actual time.  Everybody is welcome to attend all the workshops. New graduate students and postdocs are strongly encouraged to attend all the workshops. We also strongly encourage the current and potential users to attend the workshops involving the equipment operation they are using now or may use in the future.

Workshop list: