The BORC is partially supported by the National Institute of General Medical Sciences of the National Institutes of Health (P20GM104320).  Since Jan 1st, 2008, BORC has become a service center that has the authority to charge user fees to its users. BORC also provides subsidies to NPOD  and University of Nebraska System (NU) investigators. The NPOD directors and project leaders are offered a 90% subsidy for service costs incurred in BORC, while pilot project and seed grant investigators are offered 80%, and other NPOD members like mentors are offered 50%. The rest of the NU investigators get a 20% subsidy, while outside users pay full price and industry users pay 140%. 

Important Notice: Updated subsidy policy for NPOD regular members (effective 01/01/2023)

Starting January 1, 2023, NPOD is adjusting its subsidy policy for NPOD regular members using BORC services. The subsidy rate will decrease to 25% for NPOD members not routing their proposals for external funding through NPOD in NuRamp. This change will affect only investigators who can route proposals through NuRamp. Currently, that includes UNL-based investigators and external investigators with a UNL collaborator. To qualify for a 50% subsidy, members must provide proof that one or more of their grants are routed through NPOD, acknowledging its contribution to their research. The new fee structure de-incentivizes collecting NPOD subsidies without generating income for NPOD/BORC. We hope you understand the value of directed fee increases compared to horizontal fee increases.

BORC Services:

ServiceFY23 PricesUnit
Agarose Gel & Gel Electrophoresis$5.00each
Agilent GC-MS$25.00per hour
Amnis ImageStream MK II$40.00per hour
Anaerobic Chamber$4.00per hour
Animal Grip Strength$20.00per hour
Antibody Development$900.00per antibody
Automated Liquid Handler$30.00per hour
Bacteria work Equipment $4.00per hour
Barnes/Radial Arm/Place Preference/Water Maze$20.00per hour
Bio-Rad Real-time Connect (Equipment Only)$70.00per hour
BioTek Synergy H1m$3.00per minute
Branson Ultrasonic Sonifier S-450D$2.00per sample
cDNA Synthesis$31.00per sample
Cell Culture Room$25.00per hour
Cell Differentiation$300.00per plate
Cell Labeling$125.00per plate
Cytation C10 confocal imaging$40.00per hour
ddPCR QX200$8.00per reaction
Dexa$20.00per hour
Eppendorf ThermoMixer® C$4.00per hour
Freeze Dryer FreeZone 4.5 L$5.00per hour
Gel Doc™ EZ Gel Documentation System$2.00per minute
Gel/PCR Purification$10.00per sample
Genomic DNA Extraction$5.00per sample
Genotyping PCR reaction$10.00per reaction
Genotyping sample purification$12.00per sample
iBox Scientia 500 small animal imaging$20.00per hour
Immuno Assay Plate Reader$80.00per plate
Library preparation (1D Ligation Sequencing Kit Barcoding)$15.00NA
Library preparation (1D Ligation Sequencing Kit)$400.00NA
Library preparation (cDNA-PCR Sequencing Kit Barcoding)$100.00NA
Library preparation (cDNA-PCR Sequencing Kit)$400.00NA
Library preparation (Direct cDNA Sequencing Kit)$400.00NA
Library preparation (Direct RNA Sequencing Kit)$300.00NA
Library preparation (Rapid Barcoding Kit)$300.00NA
LICOR ODYSSEY CLx$50.00per hour
Life Technology Bolt® Mini Gel Tank for Western Blot$30.00per hour
Microtome$100.00per day
miRNA Extraction$17.00per sample
Multiplex/ELISA$12.00per sample
Nanopore sequencing price + basic data analysis$1,800.00NA
Nano pure water$1.00per gallon
NanoSight NS300$40.00per hour
nCS1 Nano Particle Analyzer$18per sample
PCR$2.50per reaction
Plasmid Development$400.00per plasmid
Plasmid Extraction$14.00per sample
Protein Extraction and Purification$100.00per sample
qPCR$5.00per reaction
Qubit Fluorometer$2.00per sample
QX1200 Droplet Reader$25.00per hour
Reporter Gene Analysis$135.00per sample
ROTOR-ROD System$20.00per hour
Seahorse XFe24 Extracellular Flux Analyzers$400.00per plate
SR-LAB Startle Response System$20.00per hour
Tech Billable Hours$45.00per hour
Thermal Cyclers$20.00per hour
Tissue Homogenizer$25.00per sample
Total RNA Extraction$20.00per sample
TSE Metabolic Cages$30.00per cage/day
Vitros - Alanine Aminotransferase (ALT)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Albumin (ALB)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Alkaline Phosphatase (ALKP)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Amylase (AMYL)$10.00per analyte
Vitros - Aspartate Aminotransferase (AST)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Calcium (Ca)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Carbon Dioxide (CO2)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Chloride (Cl)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Cholesterol (CHOL)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - C-reactive protein (CRP)$12.00per analyte
Vitros - Creatinine (CREA)$5.00per analyte
Vitros - Creatinine Kinase (CK)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - dHDL Direct HDL$11.00per analyte
Vitros - Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase (GGT)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Glucose (GLU)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Lactate (LAC)$5.00per analyte
Vitros - Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH)$5.00per analyte
Vitros - Lipase (LIPA)$10.00per analyte
Vitros - Lithium (Li)$12.00per analyte
Vitros - Magnesium (Mg)$5.00per analyte
Vitros - Phosphorus (PHOS)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Potassium (K)$5.00per analyte
Vitros - Sodium (Na)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Total Bilirubin (TBIL)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Total Protein (TP)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Triglyceride (TRIG)$5.00per analyte
Vitros - Unconjugated/Conjugated Bilirubin (BuBc)$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Uric Acid$3.00per analyte
Vitros - Urine Protein$15.00per analyte
Western Blot$87.00per sample
ZOOM® IPGRunner™ $30.00per hour